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Martial Arts at VMAC

by Valley Martial Arts Center
Los Angeles, California
All classes are taught by a black belt instructor. We focus on adapting the basic principles to each individual student. Every kid can perform the techniques without strain according to their body type, belt level and fitness level. Each kid learns to maximize his own potentials. Although karate is a very physical martial art we are very focused on the mental aspects as well. The goal is to make better lives by polishing our character and living life to its fullest. Through positive reinforcement we find that kids (and adults) flourish in everything they do. We do maintain structure and discipline but we also have FUN! Like most things - "Proper" practice makes perfect.

*Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
There are many benefits to your child training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Each day in class they will learn new techniques and accomplish tasks they previously were unaware they were capable of. This will build confidence and satisfaction in your child's daily life. Along with regular exercise, we promote balanced nutrition and help educate your child on its importance. Although we NEVER condone violence, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will give your child the tools they need to safely deal with an aggressive bully, should they ever meet one. Finally, jiu-jitsu is fun!

-Family rates available.
-Special rates apply if you enroll in multiple classes.
-Prices between $100 and $150/motnh
Things to know
Guest requirements
Start-up fee $50 to join
Proof of vaccination required (except children under 10)
Age Match
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