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Nabü Birthday Campaign

by Nabü Campaigns
This is where we get started! You'll create your campaign, share with friends and family, and be on your way to changing the way we think about birthday gifts!

Know exactly what summer camp/karate class/sports you want the campaign to fund? Great! We'll help you finalize all the details and book as soon as your campaign ends.

Have no idea what they'll want? No worries! Let the campaign do its thing - we'll work with you in the meantime to find the perfect experience for when your campaign ends.

Does the campaign goal seem too high? Not high enough? Great thing is regardless of whether your campaign reaches its goal, you get all funds raised added to your nabu wallet for use on 1, 2, or 15 different experiences! We are also here to help modify the campaign goal at any point.

Have a question? We're here to help! Send a note to hello@giftnabu.com and we'll jump right on it!
How it works
1. Create
Create a campaign for the experience they want to receive.
2. Share
Send to friends and family to receive contributions.
3. Enjoy
Enjoy as they get to open their amazing gift of their favorite experience.