Nabü FAQs

What is Nabü?

Nabü helps families create the perfect gift for their child. On our platform you can find and fund a wide variety of experiences, including summer camps, classes, lessons, museums, zoos, sporting events, theme parks, and many more.

On Nabü gifts have a meaning because families find the experiences they want their children to receive as gifts. You can even have family and friends contribute to your experiential gift to offset the cost!

How does Nabü Work?

With 4 easy steps you can bring the perfect gift to the child in your life.

1. Search through our catalogue to find amazing experiences for your child.

2. Create a campaign for the experience they want to receive.

3. Send to friends and family to receive contributions.

4. Enjoy as they get to open their amazing gift of their favorite experience.

How do contributions work?

Once a gift experience is created, you can send it to friends and family through the Nabü website or your personal email. Recipients can contribute to your child’s gift just like a Kickstarter or wedding fund. You will have access to see who and how much has been contributed. We will send out emails to your friends and family as milestones approach to help you complete your experiences.

What if my gift experience went over the gift amount?

Not a problem! If you have an experience that reaches its goal before everyone has contributed we will send you an email with two choices:

1. Choose to select a new experience to gift in addition.

2. Continue to receive contributions to the experience that you originally chose. With this choice you will receive the additional contributions as cash once your campaign ends.

What if my gift experience is not fully funded?

If your campaign does not meet its goal we can recommend similar experiences that fit the amount raised, or you can contribute to fully fund it.

What if I have more questions?

Contact our team at to get answers to any questions. We are here to make sure that your child has the best gift ever!