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It's easy (and free!)
Create a campaign for your child's birthday and instantly share with friends and family. They'll thank you for it!
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Friends and family will love how quick and simple the process is.
Then the fun begins!
At the end of the campaign, you have the funds available to book an experience (or multiple!) for your child! Don't know what to choose? No worries, we have curated lists to help!
Customer reviews
Connie C.
Gifted: “Birthday Campaign”
“I created a birthday campaign for my preteen’s birthday and it was so easy! We added a link to the campaign when inviting family and friends to the party. The Nabü team worked with us when the campaign ended to pick the right experience based on how much we raised.”
Jen B.
Gifted: “Dance Class Campaign”
“So glad I found Nabü! We were able to create a campaign to help cover the cost of our daughter’s tennis camp. I was worried about grandparents being able to use the site but they said it was pretty simple (although one of them did call support and said they were super helpful!)”
Alex M.
Gifted: “Blippi Campaign”
“We got to see Blippi thanks to a campaign! We reached out to Nabü and created a Blippi Live experience based on the dates, times and seats we wanted. It was fully funded in 2 days! So glad we heard of Nabü - will definitely be using this for all birthdays.”